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12 No BullSh*t Ways To Burn Fat That Work (

Pin This! Posted by Taylor Oakes YouTube Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google+ Flickr Tumblr Blog Feed 1. Toss green tomatoes into your salads. Green tomatoes contain tomatidine, a compound that stimulates muscle growth. Research shows it produces bigger muscles, increased strength and endurance, and prevents muscle loss as it reduces body fat. 2. Have a cup… Continue reading 12 No BullSh*t Ways To Burn Fat That Work (

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Plank it Out

The season for summer prep has begun. I am a few weeks into my year long training to finish (and place) in my first half marathon and am always scouting for things to do on the days between runs. I live for those days- I really really hate running. Seriously I would rather do burpees… Continue reading Plank it Out

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Wanna Play a Game??

I am looking online for Christmas gifts and BAM Workout Labs has done it. Decks of cards, specifically workout cards for body-weight workouts and yoga. While I am pretty sure that my children would not look forward to having these stuffed into their stockings I am, on the other hand completely thrilled. I travel to… Continue reading Wanna Play a Game??