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Yoga Mat- Read full article on

Resident Mom Review: Consciously Cool Chick’s Inspirational All-in OneYoga Mat Towel by Rachel Turner | March 13, 2015 The Consciously Cool Chick mat is incredible. Right out of the box the vibrant colors and positive message had me hooked. This mat looks like it belongs in a museum on display rather than on the floor. Getting bendy the… Continue reading Yoga Mat- Read full article on

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Cabin Food and Fitness

No I am not really in a cabin or hidden away from the world, but in the last couple of weeks I feel that I am a million miles away from civilization. The weather has cause many people to be involuntarily confined to their homes, often without much to do other than watch the TV… Continue reading Cabin Food and Fitness

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12 No BullSh*t Ways To Burn Fat That Work (

Pin This! Posted by Taylor Oakes YouTube Twitter Facebook Pinterest Google+ Flickr Tumblr Blog Feed 1. Toss green tomatoes into your salads. Green tomatoes contain tomatidine, a compound that stimulates muscle growth. Research shows it produces bigger muscles, increased strength and endurance, and prevents muscle loss as it reduces body fat. 2. Have a cup… Continue reading 12 No BullSh*t Ways To Burn Fat That Work (

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Plank it Out

The season for summer prep has begun. I am a few weeks into my year long training to finish (and place) in my first half marathon and am always scouting for things to do on the days between runs. I live for those days- I really really hate running. Seriously I would rather do burpees… Continue reading Plank it Out