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Nutrition at Your Own Risk

Does your family offer you interesting challenges when it comes to eating healthy? Maybe not your spouse or children, but maybe your other adult siblings, parents (or in-laws), or even your friends or co-workers? If not stop reading, but for those of us who don’t live in a health retreat proceed ready to nod and… Continue reading Nutrition at Your Own Risk

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Cabin Food and Fitness

No I am not really in a cabin or hidden away from the world, but in the last couple of weeks I feel that I am a million miles away from civilization. The weather has cause many people to be involuntarily confined to their homes, often without much to do other than watch the TV… Continue reading Cabin Food and Fitness

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Favorite Fitness Things

Everyone has favorites, whether that be jeans, foods or brand of shampoo and fitness is no different. I don’t consider myself to be the authority on everything fitness or claim to have even tried every product on the market- but I have spent time using terrible equipment as well as stuff I can’t do without… Continue reading Favorite Fitness Things


Skinny Mom Baked Burritos- Yes please My family loves loves loves Taco Tuesday (which is only about once a month due to the typical calorie and sodium content), so when I say this as a part of the February supper club week three… lets just say I needed to share. I have plans to tweak to my particular family’s tastes… Continue reading Skinny Mom Baked Burritos- Yes please


Skinny Mom February Supper Club Crab Cakes

I love crab cakes so when I saw this recipe as a part of the February Supper club I was super excited, when I ate it I was even more excited- because it is yummy. This recipe  and tons of other killer ones can be found on the SkinnyMom website. “This recipe gives crab… Continue reading Skinny Mom February Supper Club Crab Cakes