Universal Mom-iform

So what does a mom of three who tries to clumsily dance herself back to her pre- pregnancy weight wear? Leggings of course. I can go from the gym to the grocery or carpool line (to work -not so much) comfortably cute. Initially I was on the leggings are NOT pants side of the fence but after a pair made their way into my closet and I admit defeat- LEGGINGS ARE PANTS. As long as they conceal undergarments. The best part is that a legging is year round, print dependent. Worn with a tank or tee and a pair of sandals make for the perfect pale leg protector/ cover up in late spring and summer. In the fall toss on some sneakers and a cardi or button down, then keep layering for winter with dresses, boots, scarves, and sweaters.

Don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of distressed jeans, but the idea of sitting in that stiff fabric with buttons and or zippers on a long flight or road trip makes me fidget in place. It is the fall asleep on the couch after work-gym-kid taxi-dinner- cycle softness of leggings paired with compliments paid in public style that have doomed all other bottom half covering options.

My first leggings were a plain black pair from Marshalls that my boss said were fine for work on 12 days when worn under tunics or dresses, after that a friend did a LLR pop up sale and I got a floral pattern, then it really hit I was scoping eBay looking for a pair with dance shoes for competition season and I found Fabulegs- who also had some Disney and Harry potter inspired prints (non affiliate link below) and eventually via Facebook page member- it was NOT the page owner or any employee of FL- trolling another company that led me to Charlie’s Project.

All three companies have a comparable size and feel as well as offer extensive ranges of color prints, have cult like followings, and great customer service. Advertised as buttery soft of LLR is probably the most common, but the equally soft wallet friendly FL and Charlies Project. Of those companies the last two offer websites (links embedded- FL not an affiliate, CP has link to my children’s fundraising affiliate site) that let me peruse available options at my convenience as well as a steady stock of solid colors with the whimsical and sometimes themed prints.

For now my go to will be leggings.

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