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Two weeks in, 50 Weeks left

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks into 2016; my huge resolutions, strep throat and pneumonia running through my house and dogs who just can’t seem to stay in the fence. I have to admit it has been an interesting start to the year. I have had some great success with some of my resolutions which is motivation to keep going and some not quite epic fails.

School started on the 6th and I’m happy that I decided to only take 6 hours (more would have been fail for sure). Going back to school is rough when you have been out of the environment for a while, the thought of writing 2 page essays every week is intimidating. Back to school has also prompted us to change television and internet providers, our local electric company offers FITV and 1gbps speed home internet for roughly what we pay the satellite company for TV alone. To be honest I was focused on the internet, NetFlix, and completely cancelling TV for a $100 a month budget cut but I lost half that battle to the die-hard must see shows the day they air fan. (AMC)

One class (policy) is really dry – policies usually are – and may prove to be the more difficult one. The second class is a leadership/ management course which I initially thought might be boring, but the text is outstanding. I have actually read it cover to cover and highly recommend it for anyone who has people that report to them in the workforce. It’s called First, Break all the Rules.

I have subjected the girls to an in car learn-Spanish CD every single time we get into the car. So far I can remember that a car is un coacha and a van is una cameonata, the car is el coacha and the van is la cameonata. With our Southern accents and inability to roll an “r” I am happy it is cold outside so I don’t  roll down the windows. I think we picking up a little, I managed to understand some ladies in the supermarket asking if some fruit looked old. The girls on the other hand absolutely hate it and groans resound until it is our turn to repeat after the recording. I have found my new new sassy-pants punishment.

Thanks in part to the illness in the house, trying to get the house clean- and create user friendly printable guides to add to the blog for others to use too, the dogs chasing the school bus almost daily (at 8 & 7 years old we start clearing a 5 foot fence) I have managed to lose 5 of the 30 pounds I hope to shed. That’s right, in just half a month I am already 1/6th of the way to my goal. That is a little fast and no expectations of keeping that pace but jumpstart, sweet.

Of course it isn’t just falling off randomly, I have been working really hard with meals and portions and keeping up with the SkinnyMom.com 21day shred.  I have to say this is a well thought out program and not so difficult that most people couldn’t do it. I have to admit the hardest part is NOT finishing the peanut butter on saltines that my youngest prefers to any dinner I can imagine up.

My DeClutter365 is still a work in progress. Hopefully for 2017 I will have worked out the kinks to make it simple and slick enough to print, I would really like to add a recipe and a workout for each week. (yes, I am that person with 700 unfinished projects) I was thinking mix up the recipes a little bit but keep them to snacks or a week night meal, something fairly simple. I added a link to a cute idea for cheesecake conversation hearts to February and have thought about a crockpot Irish stew for March. The workouts might be more difficult, I want to do a tiered type thing one for true beginners and a version for very slightly more advanced- but completely kid friendly (those who are super fit pretty much already have workout plans).

It only took 6 days to purge the shoes and Christmas decorations. I got rid of the tree and two totes worth of nonworking decorations and 17 pairs of shoes.  I even managed to do 2 mini projects- prepping (not actually listing but the pictures are done and things were cleaned up) my purged shoes for eBay, and getting rid of the sock basket! I am a little behind on posting, and my bed room was clean then the eBay happened followed by a sick spouse who left a trail of Kleenex and clothes everywhere he went. I even got the plans and January and February done in cool pages done so now I need to start on March and April!

To the needs improvement. I have put 1 workout and 2 recipes and a tiny post as opposed to the once weekly I aspired to, ok so I know where I need adjustment. A post a week might work for someone else but not this girl. And, possibly more devastatingly I have only banked $126.70 toward the $770 I wanted in the savings account for our European vacation. I had a small end of the year adjustment paycheck that I just shoved in there before I could think about it which made the lion’s share or I would have closer to 6.70. My savings came from change in the laundry, direct deposit of face value of coupons used into the bank, and some cash from thredUp. Remind me that I need to check out some money saver blogs and come up with a plan. This doesn’t count what I have in my digital balances, which are not too shabby for 2 weeks, around $50 in dollars/coins/points that I plan to cash out quarterly. Luckily Ibotta and Checkout 51 have had coupons for things we use! I even added an app called Find&Save (referral code pending) and got a scanner from NCP (Neilson).  Clearly I did not win the lottery, I actually played on the 9th and 13th. Not to brag but I got $12 on a $3 investment on the 9th (6 went into the EUV account, 3 for another ticket, and 3 for coffee) and I got 1 number plus ball on the 13th so when I cash that in the $4(?) will go into the fund. I am still holding out that the 17 pairs of shoes yet to go on eBay will be enough to stop worrying about money forever, hahahahaha.

I feel pretty productive overall. Time to keep moving and eat happy.

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