Clutter and mess are two different things, although those lines can be blurry. For many people, myself included a chaotic work or living space leads to reduced productivity or an overactive mind which hampers our overall health. (More later on how I feel mental and spiritual health affect physical health.) To truly have an easy to clean low stress environment that means getting rid of things we don’t need or use and have a home for everything else (no- the floor is not anything’s home).

My plan is to break my home down into smaller segments with a monthly purge, a weekly project, and 3-5 small daily tasks. Grab two boxes, bins, crates whatever- one for the trash and one to donate.

The monthly purges are designed to take either 10 or 15 minutes a couple times a week or knock out in an hour by the end of the month, for January I have chosen shoes and Christmas decorations. Since each person’s living space and clutter is different feel free to adjust may schedule to better suit your needs.

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