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Resolutions, we’ve all got them. Can I get some help with mine?

Resolutions for each New Year are a tradition almost as revered as ball drops and road blocks. The beauty of starting fresh and a new chance with the beginning of a new year is like penning the first words in a new notebook or peeling the plastic off a new phone.

Many of us have several things that we would like to improve for ourselves and our lives, and we make grand resolutions that can put us under enormous pressure. That pressure can becomes a weight that crushes our spirits and resolutions causing us to fail and injure our mental and spirit health.

This year I have several things that I feel could use improving upon, but want to break them into small enough pieces that I don’t feel I can’t get everything accomplished, 2016 IS going to be my year.  2015 was crazy for my family, so there can not be a repeat of that hot mess.

First, I gained a ton of weight- 30 pounds as a byproduct of a hip injury and comfort eating (reason mentioned in just a minute). So for 2016 I want to get back to my happy weight- and run one of the Disney half marathons. I spent time in the Baltics (Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia) and want to take my family to see the Black Sea and Carpathian Mountains, so saving enough to get them there in 2017 or 2018 is another goal. I was really crushed that skills and experience fall short to a diploma in the eyes of my dream employer, so a graduate level degree is on my sites as well. The time off my feet and away from home has left my house in less than the “brasso and left-right-left” order I like, so a serious declutter is on order.

I have a lot on my plate, and on top of that I wanted to get back to weekly blog posts (seriously what was I thinking) and pick up a little Spanish to help with my personal marketability but think that if I break things down into smaller monthly and weekly goals. I also am human so I crave support so am inviting anyone who wants to participate to join me.

Instead of looking at a 30 lbs. off by December I want to lose 2 ½ lbs. a month until my pants fit again.

I have still not been released to run, but walking at longer distance and upping my pace as well as doing as much stair work as my hip can handle for stamina can help with not only the weight loss but put me on pace for a half- marathon in the fall.

Taking a family of 5 to Europe, even if we can get a military hop together, within the dates of my husband’s vacation time, plus food and somewhere to sleep is pricey. 20K pricey. 20K  in one year broken into months is $1667, and weekly $385 is still a ton of cash, say if you want to eat or pay the mortgage.  On a two year plan that is $834 monthly or $193 a week. Making enough cuts in our budget without creating resentment is going to be tough. So we will get back to that part, I crashed and burned by week 12 on the 52 week savings challenge last year and am welcome to any ((legal)) suggestions.

I have already registered and been accepted to a Master’s program (experience, multiple awards, and some sweet letters of recommendation counts somewhere- or maybe it was the VA’s guarantee of 90% of the 13K a semester) but after having recently gone through the process don’t mind sharing.

My cluttered house. There. Are. Not. Words. I have ADD (actually diagnosed by medical professionals) and while in a child that may mean running around in circles or the inability to sit still, for me it means that I crave order and the more out of control my environment is the more my mind races, the less I get accomplished and deeper my moods swing. Instead of trying to tackle the whole mess I plan to break things down into monthly purges, weekly projects, and daily tasks.

I have my work cut out and invite you to join me. Best case we make better us, worst case (for me) you get to watch the whole train wreck play out in words.



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