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2016- Declutter in 365 for the Distracted

Clutter and mess are two different things, although those lines can be blurry. For many people, myself included a chaotic work or living space leads to reduced productivity or an overactive mind which hampers our overall health. (More later on how I feel mental and spiritual health affect physical health.) To truly have an easy to clean low stress environment that means getting rid of things we don’t need or use and have a home for everything else (no- the floor is not anything’s home).

My plan is to break my home down into smaller segments with a monthly purge, a weekly project, and 3-5 small daily tasks. Grab two boxes, bins, crates whatever- one for the trash and one to donate.

The monthly purges are designed to take either 10 or 15 minutes a couple times a week or knock out in an hour by the end of the month, for January I have chosen shoes and Christmas decorations. Since each person’s living space and clutter is different feel free to adjust may schedule to better suit your needs.


January- Purge shoes and Christmas decorations.

If the lights don’t work, it got broken, or you don’t like it don’t put that holiday magic back in storage. This frees up room with your decorations for ugly sweaters and reindeer leggings that you won’t need until next November anyway. Seriously the “Son of a Nutcracker” t-shirt is only funny for 60 days a year- MAX.

Have a shoe fashion show, let the kids tromp around for a few minutes then have them stand heels together and smoosh those toes just like mom did back in the day. For your shoes take a deep breath and be brutally honest. Do they hurt, have you worn them in the last year, do you really even like them? For me this means that I will be eBay-ing some really cute heels (if you are a 9-9.5 (40) B look me up my seller name is peridotdragonfly– I am still trying to figure out how to score an extra $400 a week), because with this set of arthritic hips and knees I really should not be in anything over 4 inches unless I want surgery.

The weekly project is a once over of a room, or space that needs serious help that either will need revisiting during the purges  or might have daily tasks later to refresh or polish it up a bit.

For January I 4 (seriously the year started on a Friday).

Week 1 project the bedroom. For me that means hauling all the bins out from under bed, actually putting away all the clean folded laundry and hanging the mirror that has been behind the dresser for 6 years.

Week 2 project master closet. Not purge anything yet, just make sure things are hung/ folded off the floor etc.

Week 3 Deep Clean the Master Bath and toss all the 1/2 full bottles of random lotions.

Week 4 I plan to go through all the magazines, pull the pages with good recipes, workouts, craft ideas, articles, whatever for my smash book and recycle the rest.

Daily tasks  lets not get crazy here these are some 10- 15 minute projects so I get the feeling of accomplishment.

Week 1: The random sock basket- its time to let go if you don’t absolutely KNOW where the mate is its puppet time.

Clean and dust my china cabinet. This family heirloom full of heirlooms catches more dust than compliments these days so we need to fix that.

Empty the fridge,  toss the junk that caused me to gain 30 lbs and all the science experiments. Week one needs some positive reinforcement.

For week 2 I am thinking clean the oven, my spice and tea cabinet, and prep then list my families purged shoes on eBay.  Lastly get weeks 3 and 4’s daily tasks blogged up!

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