SkinnyMom.com asks Real Moms to Model Swimsuits- So Beautiful- Must Read


15 Moms Model Swimsuits for All to See. Watch What Happens Next.

by Libby Birk | April 13, 2015

“When Skinny Mom asked 15 mothers to spend a day at Skinny Mom headquarters for the “I Am” campaign swimwear photoshoot, most of the women came in with mixed emotions. Knowing that Skinny Mom reaches over five million viewers a month, naturally the moms were nervous to be showing off their bodies for the world to see.”

Well wouldn’t most people? I work out 5 times a week, live by the Sparkpeople app on my phone and am still concerned with the swimsuit I have packed for my pending Florida trip!  Does it show my c-section scar (should I care?), am I tan enough for blue and white seersucker, how do my boobs look (and more importantly if a child grabs me in the pool am I going to have a wardrobe malfunction?), am I too old for a bikini?

Read the full article at the link above.

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