In Like a Sea Lion (not meant to be an Insanity Ad)

March is traditionally cold and windy a blustery lion especially in the first couple of weeks and mellows out as spring develops. Often March fitness works in the opposite, while the weather is cold and blustery gyms are fine, but as the days warm up I long to be outside; running, yoga in the park, climbing on real rock. After the urge to go outside has struck I realize that eek everything needs to be toned up!!! So the Insanity  and 300 workouts get busted back out. (OK so some of this is in my head, but I do get lax on eating during the holidays and refuse to the leave the warmth of my sweater and uggs when its too cold.

I do love some Insanity, the workouts have solid facts and science behind them, the results are real, and Shaun T is just so doggone motivational. Honestly how can anyone be happy about self inflicted torture? Something about the editing or thought that went into these videos makes you want to load up the DVD on days 2-60, even though you still can’t move from day 1.

(I have done tons of workout videos, I actually collect them. P90X, Pit Training, Zumba, Sweating to the Oldies, Flirty girl, Windsor Pilates, Essential Yoga I have some from almost every sub-genre. I love my videos- well most of them, there are a few that are poorly done, boring, or have some other flaw that as relegated them to the back of the cabinet.)

8 reasons why insanity's shaun t should be your valentine this year

Insanity  has its own cult following that sucks people in and causes them to recruit their friends. I take my copy on deployment (that’s where I was introduced in the first place), work-cations, and anytime I travel. I also bust some of my favorites out on cruddy days in order to get my sweat on. But in March I get this work horse out in earnest because while I will never have abs like Shaun T, I know that by May I will be in amazing shape for me again.

20 min insanity workout. After I'm finished Jillian Michaels workout and before Insanity Workout. Just to see if I can handle Insanity. ;)


Tank tops and shorts here I come. Thanks Shaun T. although if I ever meet you we are going to have to have a serious talk about your motivation level or your big quads, or your idea of fun versus actually killing me.

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