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Cabin Food and Fitness

No I am not really in a cabin or hidden away from the world, but in the last couple of weeks I feel that I am a million miles away from civilization. The weather has cause many people to be involuntarily confined to their homes, often without much to do other than watch the TV and snack. Of the 14 (16 by Monday) days we have been home there has been 1 where were legitimately stuck in our home. What do you do, and how much hot chocolate is acceptable for days like these? Seriously are we celebrating St.Valentine Patrick’s break at this point, this thing is going on to epic proportions.

Even on the days where my car was not stuck in park it has been bitterly cold for the south, in the teens and my southern feet just can not run like that. Nor do I wish to haul my children out in that cold in order to increase the number of kleenex we need to purchase. (Going to the doctor is not an option- we had to reschedule our well child visits 3 times in during the first week due to closures so who know how long it might take to get a spur of the moment appointment. Not only that but I have missed as much work as I have been to so the copay might have to be in nickles and dimes.)

We have done yoga- which is really creepy if one person wants to “just watch” and really dangerous if there is a toddler “helping”. We have cardio danced, we have done family friendly calisthenics, and we have watched Frozen, Captain America- Winter Soldier, Avengers, and Thor -Dark World about 40 times each but I am still bored. (Honestly we have a premium movie channel package and THERE IS NOTHING ON) I have become uninterested in the internet to include Wish, Pinterest, and YouTube, the laundry is lagging, my ingrained discipline is waning- is this some light version of cabin fever? Is the stress from “mom she took my Merida”, “mom I’m hungry”, and “mom she hit me first” getting to me? You bet! SkinnyMom is hosting a yoga challenge next month, but I think we are starting tomorrow.

Yoga for Kids - used to do Yoga Fridays in my classroom, during dismissal time. Kids started to eagerly anticipate it...may have to start this up again. PRINT!!

Here are a few workouts we have done in the last bit that may be able to help you out.

You should try this My ballet workout my teacher kept motivating me and now I'm a great dancer PLEASE FOLLOW ME FOR A FOLLOW BACK~ this at home HIIT workout!

As to the hot chocolate, there is an average of 155 calories in an 8 ounce cup of the stuff if made with water, 340 in a Panera hot chocolate with whip cream and drizzle; we usually use a can of non-fat evaporated milk and 16 oz of water to make 3 big mugs (no whip cream or marshmallows) so chugging the stuff might not be in the best interest of my waist line. (Chocolate almond milk is a good substitute- and I am eagerly awaiting a chocolate cashew milk.) Luckily I have a stash of assorted teas that taste fantastic and ring in between 5-15 calories each. I also stocked up on several of the things on the following list for snackables to ease my guilt on the mid movie noshing. We have also made so much popcorn that the air popper is broken- hello amazon.

Clean eating

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