Kettle Bells, not just a cool doorstop

8 Kettlebell Exercises That'll Sculpt Your Entire Body | Women's Health Magazine


Have limited space for personal gym equipment? I do, so in trying to keep the clutter down I have a list of my absolute lust haves for a home gym. (This list does not include workout or cardio DVDs, I have a slight addiction to those.) There is a ton of other stuff I would love to have, but either don’t have room or cha-ching for. All of this stuff fits in a 12×12 bin in my bedroom, with my deflated swiss ball.

Number 1: A kettle bell, I have a 10 lb and a 15 I picked up both at TJ Maxx or Ross for about $10- 12 each.

Number 2: A thick yoga mat, mine came from Target.

Number 3: Wide elastic resistance bands, those I picked up at Marshalls.

Number 4: Hand weights, I like the sand filled bracelet type.

Number 5; A speaker to plug my phone into, a girl has to have her tunes.

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