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Yoga for Body, Mind, and Family

I love yoga, it can be as easy as you want it, and a perfect way to get your children involved in a lifetime of fitness. My 10 year old twins and nearly 4 year old will cat-cow, downward dog, and tree with me for an hour. Are their poses perfect? No, but neither are mine. Does it bring us closer together? Absolutely. We all get something different out of yoga, I get some of my childhood flexibility and ease some military induced joint pain. The twins say it calms them down after a dramatic (really dramatic at 10???) day at school, and the baby just likes to do what ever the big kids do.

Here is a favorite yoga article from that has loads of good information. (To get to the full article just click the link below.)

Yoga Sequence For Stronger Legs: 

Whether sporting leggings with sneaks or skinny jeans with pumps, here’s a 14-pose yoga sequence to make your tight pants proud. This workout is all about the thighs, hips, and booty. Hop on your mat and work through this sequence on the right side, and then repeat on the left.

Wide Squat:  (1) Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips. (2  Bend your knees and lower your hips toward the ground. (3) Bring your palms together at your heart center, and firmly press your elbows against the inside of your knees, helping to open the hips even further. (4) Shift weight into the heels, lengthening the crown of the head up toward the ceiling, holding for five deep breaths.

wide squat