Are “mom trouble spots” and “mom jeans” related?

I was cruising Pinterest for some gym-spiration and this particular pin caught my eye. Now I realize that I am not in fitness competition shape and my first week of a 51 week “2 mile because I the Army makes me to Marathon” plan logged 13 miles and 6 hours of strength/ yoga/ cardio will not erase what a dual pregnancy plus a nutella fueled oops baby created but I can hold my own in skinny jeans so I was intrigued. (That is only 8 hours of actual sweat time plus transport to and from the gym down the street. 1 hour of Zumba and 2 30 minute yoga sessions were with my kids.)

The article, linked below, is actually really informative and has links to some good at home and stroller workouts. It did make me wonder if  “mom trouble spots” the same places I am concerned with? Do I just think I still look pretty good and has my husband developed a poker face?

My least favorite body parts are in this order:

1. Fup- the below cesarean pooch (Do not Google this if you dislike strong language, the dictionary verbiage is not so PG)

2. Bingo Wing – flappy parts under the triceps, I am told that mine are psycho-somatic- but I feel them

3. Backfat- I don’t have rolls but my spine is not level with the areas around it

4. Pancake Booty-  seriously I have no butt, I have been given padded underwear as a gift before

“Mom Spots” according to the pin

1. Muffin top- understandable, getting bigger panties helped mine until I was released to hit the gym

2. Butt- Thats 1

3. Loose skin- this is lotion, hydration, and time

4. Armpit pudge- honestly that is 90% because you have on the wrong sized bra

5. An entire dress size (? is that an area I thought that was everything except maybe cankles)

6. Zumba (wait what?, I took A&P and I have no idea where my Zumba is- other than in the DVD player)

7. Arms- 2 or 1 1/2?

8. Lower body- do I count butt again?

9. Core- close enough so 3

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So it seems that I have  booty, arms, and core in common with other moms as trouble areas. My Zumba seems to be fine other than of the 4 people who use my DVD only the 3 year old has any rhythm. Which explains more than I can describe. Also good to know that the hubs hasn’t gained any new skills. Since I only have 3 of 9 it looks like I don’t have to trade in my denim just yet.

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