I’m Planning What?

Being a better me is my personal mission. I have been everything from a 16 to a 6 and know what skin I feel best in. Surprise it’s not the 6 – an 8 or 10 is better for my energy, stamina, and overall strength. I try to eat things that are good for me I do mess up and scarf down a honey slathered biscuit from time to time. Friday night is pizza night, it’s a compromise for meatless Monday and turkey Tuesday.

I work out as often as possible- after all I have a family and a job (and a burgeoning business) so while I have multiple WAD apps and a random pile of DVDs there are days that it just doesn’t happen, am I going to beat myself up? Nah, because I feel, I know that if I anchor myself to a horrifically clean (and most people know the difference between clean and horrifically clean- if you don’t we will discuss that later) I might lose dinner invites or miss something amazing.

Life is entirely too short to not try the Dole Whip or make s’mores with your kids, it is also easy to put down that cigarette and walk a mile or pick water instead so you can have more of those good moments. When my girls and I do a day out we will walk the zoo, shop for a few hours (what girl doesn’t like a new handbag), and then hit one of those frozen yogurt bars to giggle over our treasures while stuffing as much fruit and chocolate covered frozen yumminess that cup can hold.

Also and almost as importantly I HATE TO RUN. Really, I hate it. 2 miles in a set amount of time are required of me annually and usually I do enough of other types of cardio to just run for about 4 weeks before hand and squeak by. I will do an hour of Zumba, and 30 minutes on the stair climber, but the thought of a quarter mile make my stomach turn. That is why my family was shocked to hear that I have decided to run a half marathon. Yep 13 plus miles. In. A. Row.

I have 51 weeks to train, and as much as I hate to run I will have to train everyday of that to finish. 5-6 running days a week in addition to strength and cardio training. That is 255 days my feet, stomach, and mind are going to be pretty pissed. At the heart of all of this is a purse- not just any purse but a race only edition geek themed Dooney and Burke. I am sure that I could pick one up on eBay a few weeks after but I want my own- new in the plastic with that leathery DB nerd smell. Is this too much effort? Maybe but in addition to being able to get my bag I can explore new training techniques, visit Disneyland, and see if I can teach these old feet some new tricks.

Will I succeed? Maybe. Can I afford it? Not as sure, the plan is to put back a dollar for every mile I log, right now I am able to use couch change and what I find in the dryer to cover it- sorry girls mama is repurposing the Charming Charlie stash.

Back to the bit about not knowing the difference in clean and horrifically clean. I hit the gym and offer substitutions in recipes to friends who ask; but don’t push my diet on anyone. Ok well other than my spouse and kids, and by default whatever my counter-surfing canines can catch. If you look down your nose at other people’s food, or lecture strangers on how they should eat you should stop reading now. And by all means don’t follow this feed. If you don’t know the difference in C and HC you are most likely HC, and probably a zealot about it. If you see things in black and white, everything must be organic, or have refused to let your kid go to a birthday party because the cake is not gluten free we can’t be friends. I will trade in my sour cream for non-fat plain Greek, I can do frozen banana cream but if you so much as roll your eyes at an honest to goodness handmade apple pie- with a white flour and lard crust you need to get a life. Clearly you haven’t lived.

So go live. Eat, move, and find your happy place. Try something new, push yourself but have a good time, because you only have one skin and one heart.

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