You know what Elsa, the cold DOES bother me

The kids are back in school, the gym is free of random bored high- schoolers (kudos for them improving one’s fitness and health instead of hitting the mall or having netflix marathons is awesome) during the day, and I have picked up a new client or two; it would seem that fitness maintenance should be easy. NOPE for some reason after the first week of the year my motivation has just plummeted and I fully blame the cold weather. It is so cold that the am run, walk, jog, or bike I typically enjoy after dropping off the toddler is absolutely out. I have hit the Blanks, ShaunT, and Zumba DVDs a few times but as far as enjoyment again NOPE. What is going on here- I like to work out, I like to fit in my clothes- this is not me. Boston.com has a great article right now with helpful tips for outdoor exercise but none happen to involve my couch, fleece leggings, and uggs.

Could it be that I have been inside too long? SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a type of depression that only affects sufferers at particular times of the year, most often the fall and winter months. The defining cause is not known but researchers speculate (and at the moment these are the widely accepted triggers) that the change in light can cause melatonin and seratonin levels to get out of whack, and personal circadian rhythms play into the disorder as well. AKA less sunlight = less happy and less restful sleep.  Is my deep rooted hatred of the cold putting me at risk for winter blues? According to Mayo Clinic the best treatment is ba ba ba- go outside and exercise. Looks like its time to suck it up and get my hiney outside.

Workout motivation tips? Prevention has several actually they have a 31 slide presentation. (Tip 8- borrow a toddler, not sure that I am going to need that one and I am sure not taking mine out in the cold! if you have any tips that have helped overcome SMED (this one is all mine- seasonal motivation and exercise disorder) please leave me some comments.




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