I ate whatt?

The eating season is almost over for most, opening up the doors to the holy garbage I need to get into the gym season. There may still be that random friend and family get to together that will occur, and leftovers that “have to go before new year resolutions”. Seriously if you know its bad for you or has left you feeling like a manatee just toss it out, do it now then squirt the trash with windex to help you avoid that grossest of temptations. As a part of the generation that was guilt-ed into cleaning their plates with the mental images of starving children in Africa and a recovering overeater I am telling you the first step to health is to allow yourself to NOT EAT EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE. Yes it will go to waste. Yes those children are still starving. BUT Yes you will adjust to putting less on your plate soon. AND No if you packaged up the leftovers you can not send them to foreign children (if you lived in my house as a child that remark would have left you with a soapy mouth).

My philosophy is simple: Eat right- not always easy but it can be done and the better choices you make now the easier it is to make better choices later.  Move happy- exercise does not have to suck. I like to go to the gym and work out until I am about to pass out, but I also like Zumba, yoga, and to just walk aimlessly in the woods. Find what works for you and just have fun with it.

I found a really cool post on Pinterist (completely addicted) that oversimplifies the way to be a healthier you.

GET THAT MOTIVATION! 20 Motivational Pictures & Quotes To Crank Up Your Workout Drive - Lean It UP

A good body weight varies from person to person. Not everyone needs to look like a VS supermodel, we come in many beautiful sizes and shapes. Bone structure, body type, genetic pre-dispositions will affect what your (and my) good/ healthy/ happy weight should be. I am 67 inches tall and of eastern European and Native American descent, I feel that under 165 I look really sick. I am also weak, perpetually tired, and cranky below that weight. At 165-170 lbs I wear a size 8 pant and a 10 blouse, I can run a 5k, and have defined obliques with regular workouts. At 175 I still turn heads, wear a 10 pant and have a flat-ish (hey now I am 35 and have 3 kids) but by 180 I feel bloated. Other women may feel that 130 or 150 are a better weight for their 67 inch (that is 5 feet 7 inches) but we all have to find our weight.

Start today, toss the pie pitch the cake and find a workout any workout. You will thank yourself tomorrow.

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