Does walking up hills for 5 hours cancel fruitcake?

Holidays can be a bear on both diet and gym time. Traveling to see family, recitals, plays, work engagements, shopping all added onto your normal routine can take a toll. Add in highly carb-ed up over-abundances of food and cold weather an blammo “legging season” isn’t just to be trendy.

Now that my girls are out of school for a few weeks I have to adjust fire on gym time, at home HIIT training, and even lunches. (Something about hummus spread on melba with beansprouts or blazing hot chicken spread on celery doesn’t cut it for the a 10 year old.) I found a few kid friendly printables to get my girls involved. Here is a cute one from playtimeyoga.comYoga can be very relaxing, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. A 15 to 20 minute session of yoga combined with some simple breathing techniques can help set you up for a calm, positive day or help you to relax after a long, stressful day. at www.dietsgrid.com

I even have revamped my jog route in order to keep them warm. The flu is rampant in my neck of the woods, and chest colds equal doctor offices plus other sick kids, you follow the dots here.

Don’t get me wrong, the girls are very active dance, running, Zumba and eat pretty clean (we pack lunches but we also have southern grandparents). But children are not just tiny adults and the pre- adolescent body does not need to be doing all of the same things that adult bodies require, my girls do not need to lift heavy weights or hundreds of box jumps.

Finding balance with lifestyle, health, and children in during the holiday season can be interesting. Finding something that challenges me and keeps everyone happy might be harder than finding that elusive “perfect gift”.

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