Getting back to the Grind

Often the holidays can derail a usually healthy life-style. Travel, seasonal food, and traditional weather- or in the case of East TN some extra cold weather has kept a few of us off the trails.

I have put together some quick workouts, some of my own creation and some pulled from Pinterest- have I ever mentioned what a great resource this site can be? So lets see if I can do that in the near future.

This first one is from check them out on twitter, there is always something cool going on over there.

Do it before bed. Take 10 minutes of your day for your body.

This I got from – also a great resource.

I've been doing this workout, and it seriously is amazing. The Victoria's Secret Butt Workout - Shape Magazine

This is a personal favorite from I love the burn this guy brings.

8 Minute No Crunch Ab Burner via #workout #fitness

The best part of these is all 3 can be done in an hour (or not depending on you current fitness level) and a resistance band. I like the thick ones that look like rubber bands and a set of 4 will run less than $20.00. Here is a link to a good set  (oh and through this link a portion of the proceeds will go to St. Jude Research hospital- if you would rather another charity you can adjust the smile part once you get to Amazon).

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