From the Web to the World

After years of school, months of thinking, and hours of debate the hubs and I have decided to try our hands at a local wellness service. Our hope is to offer some personal training, food coaching, and lifestyle change support on a very small scale. There is still a lot to do, but we are so excited!  The final decision making point came in the gym when someone asked why I was so happy on the treadmill then wanted to “shadow” me. After finishing up (and heck yes I busted out a few more minutes everywhere to look good) she told me that this was a great workout and super fun- could she hire me. Hmm let me think about it, choose my schedule, hang out with my kiddos more, get paid to exercise, tell my boss buh-bye, yeah I can do that.

He even made me a thumbtack page! I hope that adding this adventure to my blog will help inspire others to chase their dreams too.


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