Stress and Body

This week is all about stress. I have added a page and a junior page with assignments from past and present classes, but here are my personal thoughts on stress. These are not medically or professionally reviewed, just my thoughts.

1. There are two types, with a few sub-types. Self induced and Circumstantial. Of those types I break them down into SI (self induced) positive which covers things like exercise and challenges for your benefit, SI negative are things like credit card debit or the aftermath of poor life choices. Circumstantial breaks down into C positive those things that are out of your control but can be a benefit a promotion at work or a new grandchild, and C negative those things like disease or illness that are out of your control.

2. The mind and the body are completely connected, stress is a mental issue that can manifest itself in the body. That goes both ways while your nerves can actually cause you to have stomach pain, exercising can be a stress reliever.

3. Food and Shopping are NOT good coping strategies- both lead to more stress.

4. Friends, Family, Pets, Hobbies, Meditation are all good things to help reduce stress.

5. Stress can make you fat- yes I said it, and yes I believe it. Stress causes cortisol to be released (its a hormone that well just google it), in addition to that stress causes many to make poor food choices opting for sugar and sodium laden poo, even if you are not really hungry.


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