Part 1 Unit 7

Stress Management Part 1 

In addition to eating right and exercising stress management is a key factor to personal health and balance. Shortly after returning from the Middle East I took a class in Stress Management, fortuitous timing? Maybe, but stress management and ultimately resilience is something that everyone can use. After all there is no stress free life, but the ability to manage and release tension is a skill that should be honed. Even more than the ability to be able to handle stress is one’s resiliency abilities.

Resiliency is defined as “the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds–trauma, tragedy, personal crises, plain ‘ole’ life problems–and bounce back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful” by Nan Henderson M.S.W, President of Resiliency in Action.

Finding true balance in your life comes not from just the number on the scale or a belly that is full, but from being happy with yourself, facing stress and learning how to either get rid of it or learn from it is just one piece of that. I can say from experience that sometimes stress can manifest itself in physical ways. For example have you ever felt nausea when you make an expensive mistake, say an automobile accident or seeing a tree on your roof after a storm? What about physical pain, say a headache, after a particularly hard exam? Stress management is not only important to one’s physical health as well as mental health, from a holistic point of view. Later in the week I am adding a link with resources to help others build resilience and stress management.


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