So this week my class is tasked with talking about supplements. This is one of my favorite subjects, and one that can be very cloak and dagger…

What cloak and dagger? You can find thousands of bottles of “miracles” on any mega-store, drugstore, and grocery store  pharmacy/ health aisle. There are millions of supplement shops franchised throughout the US- this is one of the fastest growing businesses around. The mysterious part is getting Real. Solid. Honest. information.

As a medical NCOIC once stationed in a HOT, arid, austere environment I have seen how a little zinc helped with cystic acne on a 33 year old and in the same week a 19 year old in pretty good shape taking random stuff he found in the PX (think Walgreen’s military style) so he could build mass, have cardiac complications- we are talking put on a 12 lead EKG throwing waves that caused a cardiologist to toss the machine in the trash and get another one to verify this was not a 60 year old chain-smoking overweight man. Yeah, funny in theory but at the moment, not so much.

Supplements can be great but with bad information they could hurt you. I have heard (in a past class from a fellow student) that “oh its all natural so it really can’t hurt you” (hence why we are students, not masters) to which the smarty pants in me automatically replied “really because rattlesnake venom and cyanide area all natural and Google says both are toxic to humans”

Yeah yeah I am a little sassy. More “official class power point” to come.

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