Unit 3 post

This is my official unit 3 post. I did this in a past class, but got the opportunity to redo the project this week (the laptop I used during that class did not survive an overseas “extended work-cation”).

A fitness and nutrition plan is more than just pumping iron or eating healthy foods, in holistic terms it is finding something that makes us healthier body, mind, and spirit. For each client there is more to look at than medical challenges in order to make fitness- real complete fitness a life long standard. For example a single mother of three may need a program that can incorporate her children in order to help her achieve fitness goals as well as teach her children good lifestyle habits as well, like an at home workout program or weekend hiking trips. A 13 year old hoping to make a varsity athletic team living in a family that places no emphasis on health may need a support group or fun ways to incorporate at home (transportation may be in issue). A grandmother who has too much on her plate already and a bad outlook on “working-out” may require a presentation that incorporates healthy activities in a setting she enjoys, perhaps walking with a grandchild on “nature walks” or joining a tai-chi group of her peers in the park. A college student with a busy schedule and limited attention span could better benefit from an intramural team activity or a peer partner than a set routine or video training program.


Issues/ Challenges EIA-requires inhaler to be accessible during exercise. Precautions/ modifications would be effective warm-up & cool down. Precautions include ensuring he has his inhaler during activities.
FITNESS TESTING Test chosen and why. Campus Recreation center for membership done last semester.
BMI BMI 25.1 Overweight Client expressed desire to reduce BMI and achieve healthy weight
Optional Body Composition Testing Skin fold testing, completed on campus during fitness testing 15 Triceps. 12 Pectoral. 15 midaxilla. 18 subscapula. 25 abdomen. 20 supralilliac. 22 quadriceps. Lean wt 149/ Fat wt 30.9/ Body Fat % 17 Average
Cardiovascular Activity 12 min run 1.75 miles Good Client would like to improve time/ distance
Muscular strength and endurance Bench press test (YMCA) 15 repetitions Fair Client would like to improve
Flexibility Sit/Reach 15 inches Average Client OK with this rating

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