Quick full body workout

I am still working on my personal fitness- do we ever stop? But with my military background, and dependence on a trainer for 5 years (if I have a workout buddy I will go- even if my friends wimp out and I have to hire the workout buddy) some of my new co-workers have asked to form a fitness group so I got nominated as the ringleader. Our group is all ages of females at all levels of fitness so these are going to be pretty entry level with the option to adjust for your personal level.

This is our first group workout.

5-10  warm-up on the stair climber, stairs, or step-ups

Arms/ Shoulders

3 x 8 Triceps dips (can be assisted)

3 x 8 Push-ups

3 x 8 Push-backs*

Standing hold weight in each hand, arms at sides elbows bent and slightly back 45 degree angle.

Push wrists strait back slowly- taking 3-5 seconds to fully extend then another 3-5 on the way back , maintain arms above elbow at same position.

Return to start position.

3 x 8 Pull-ups (assisted as needed)

If working in a group, and there is not enough machines for everyone rotate or do farmer walks when not on a machine.

Abs/ Fronts

3 x 8 Hyper-extensions

3 x 8 Weighted sit-ups- feet off ground

3 x 8 ab-coaster (both sides) * if no ab-coaster machine lay on back knees bent and to one side with shoulders flat on ground, lift torso strait up.

Group & not your turn- planks


3 x 8 Pull downs

3 x 8 Row

3 x 8 Superman

Group, not your turn. Lets do some cardio so hit the treadmill or arc trainer.


3 x 8 Thigh abductor

3 x 8 Thigh abductor

3 x 8 Donkey Kicks (reverse leg press)

3 x 8 Calf press machine

Cool down, stretch, and foam roll!

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