Getting in the groove… anywhere

Today was a trial on the movement front. Yesterday was nearly 70 degrees and even after getting off work late it was warm enough to hit the road, so when I woke up this morning to my breath in the air– boo. I told the little one we would go to the park, because she still fits in the jogging stroller (yea) and will yell for me to run faster if I slow down, but even after bundling up she just said no mommy its too cold- so we danced instead! 

I have tons of at home workouts just for days like this and today seemed like a Zumba day. So we scooted the furniture aside and cranked up the tv. Zumba is fun, at home or with a group, but Zumba with a toddler is more fun than two buckets of monkeys, I need to get certified just so I can start a mommy and me z-class. This is not an event that is for a perfectionist, and might require padding, but man-oh-man watching a teeny tiny try to salsa while trying to keep moving/ not laugh is a great work-out. My biggest challenge was stopping! We needed groceries so convincing tiny dancer to get in the car- where the abdominal portion continued- I tried to move my arms a bit but caught my wedding set in my headliner….

Once there the Latin theme def influenced our meal preparation choices. Veggie and chicken tostadas, with chopped spinach and kale instead of lettuce and 0% plain greek subbed in for sour cream (heavy on the guacamole though).

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