Protein Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and & The Ugly…

Protein Supplements: The Good, The Bad, and & The Ugly…

This is a very brief overview of some benefits and pitfalls of protein supplements. This particular article does not delve into all the forms of supplemental powders nor does it take into account the partial proteins offered by plant sources, food allergies, or some of the more debatable research done into carcinogenic properties of some sources.

My belief is that whole foods are best, but when supplementing, and sometimes one has to- for example I only like chicken and fish so sometimes I don’t squeeze in the RDA of protein for an active female of my age so I may toss some whey powder (strawberry is a yummy choice here) into a cup of greek yogurt after a workout just to make sure that my body is getting everything it needs to repair and rebuild. Or on a cold day I might half the cocoa powder with chocolate soy protein powder in skim milk to give the little people in my life a slightly better for them hot chocolate after a hard day dragging a sled up a hill.

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