Another Negative Study of Vitamins

Another Negative Study of Vitamins

I am a vitamin taker, but feel that supplementation needs to be done with a good source. This article which is really more of a medical professionals blog with some comments- and those are all opinion, so I didn’t read them with the mindset that they were content but brings up some good points that anyone thinking about beginning a vitamin supplementation regimen might ask themselves.  

A long time ago I was told I needed to take prenatal vitamins to supplement my pregnancy as at the time I was an ova-lacto vegetarian carrying twins. Everything I took made my stomach hurt so finally this chick who liked to climb where I do suggested a vitamin made of real foods that had been freeze dried and powdered. I tried them and have been hooked ever since, they can be taken on an empty belly, I can pronounce all the ingredients, and no funky after taste.

Now everybody is different and we all need different things depending on genetics, intake, medical history, age, gender, lifestyle what have you, but a vitamin made from food seems more sound than random chemicals broken down into a pill or colloidal animal shape. 

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