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Last Days of Summer

Like most parents the smell of fresh notebook paper and sharpened pencils have filled my home. Many schools across the country have either begun or will in the near future, and that means a change in routine for workouts. During the months when there was a much looser schedule I was able to run in… Continue reading Last Days of Summer

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Saving money by Laziness

(edited 01 August 2018) I am still saving money by being an extremely lazy shopper. I seriously hate to drag the kiddos in and out of stores to get day to day stuff- shopping for fun is a completely different story- that  I did all the back to school online with my ebates account. I… Continue reading Saving money by Laziness



Clutter and mess are two different things, although those lines can be blurry. For many people, myself included a chaotic work or living space leads to reduced productivity or an overactive mind which hampers our overall health. (More later on how I feel mental and spiritual health affect physical health.) To truly have an easy… Continue reading DeClutter365